Ordering GroutPro Professional Quality Products

Due to strong demand for the GroutPro maintenance products we’ve now made them more easily accessible to our existing customers as well as the general public.  If you’ve got a cupboard full of ineffective, dangerous and expensive supermarket or DIY products and would like to make a change for the better, our small range of professional grade products will replace most of them to maintain virtually anything in your home, office or car.  The GroutPro range of professional products are environmentally responsible, but at the same time extremely effective to provide a high level of hygiene and cleanliness with just a handful or products.   You spend less money on cleaning products, you spend less time cleaning because they are more effective, and the results are better with less risk of doing damage to your surfaces.

Use Pro-Kleen for a general purpose cleaning detergent on all surfaces – a mild pH neutral concentrated detergent, a 500ml bottle produces an amazing 200 litres of ready to use solution.

Use Citrus Eco-Kleen ready to use spray & wipe on any surface – a hospital and food grade surface cleaner ideal for food preparation surfaces with a convenient trigger spray for use anywhere.

Use Mould-Pro PLUS to neutralise mould, mildew and algae inside or outside wherever it occurs – does not just bleach the growth like most products, it actually kills it.

Use Pro-Gleam for glass & mirrors anywhere in the house or car, and on stainless steel anywhere – a highly advanced product but VOC free, it is an extremely effective cleaner for kitchens and bathrooms.

To arrange to have these professional quality products delivered to your home, simply go to  https://groutpro.com.au/shop-enquiry/  and click on the products you’re interested in.  Click on the enquire now button to enter your contact details so our local GroutPro Specialist can arrange to supply and deliver the product to your door.