Understanding and Addressing Leaking Showers

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Leaking showers are more than a mere nuisance; they’re a common household problem that, if left unaddressed, can lead to significant structural damage and unhealthy mould growth. The trickles and drips you notice today can quickly escalate, causing water damage to your home’s foundational elements and creating an environment where mould thrives. Recognising the early signs and understanding the potential causes of shower leaks are crucial steps in maintaining your home’s integrity and your families health.

Common Signs of a Leaking Shower

The first step in tackling a leaking shower is to identify the problem. Some tell-tale signs include water stains on the ceiling of rooms located directly below bathrooms, loose tiles or crumbling grout in the shower area, musty odours signaling the presence of mould or mildew, and persistent dampness around the shower not related to its use. Ignoring these signs can lead to more severe issues down the line, making early detection and rectification vital.

Likely Reasons Why Your Shower Is Leaking

Damaged Grout

Grout, though sturdy, is not impermeable to the ravages of time and water. Continuous exposure to moisture can cause grout to crack or erode, creating pathways for water to seep through. Regular inspection and maintenance of shower grout are essential preventative measures to avoid leaks.

Missing or Damaged Silicone Sealant

Silicone sealant acts as a waterproof barrier around shower edges and fixtures. Over time, this sealant can shrink or develop gaps, compromising its ability to keep water contained. Checking the condition of silicone sealants and addressing any deterioration promptly is crucial.

Faulty Shower Door Seals or Tracks

Shower doors rely on seals and tracks to keep water contained. When these components wear out or get damaged, water can escape the shower area. Regular inspections can help catch these issues early, preventing water damage.

Cracks in the Shower Tray or Bathtub

Even minor cracks in shower trays or bathtubs can be a source of significant water leakage. Such issues often require a professional assessment to determine the best course of repair.

Damaged or Broken Tiles

Tiles serve as a critical barrier against water penetration. When tiles are damaged or broken, this barrier is compromised, leading to leaks. Prompt repair or replacement of affected tiles is necessary to maintain the integrity of your shower.

Clogged Drainage Pipes

Water backing up due to clogs in drainage pipes can cause leaks, especially if the standing water finds weak points through which to seep. Regular cleaning and maintenance of drainage pipes can help prevent this problem.

Loose Plumbing Fixtures

Leaks can also originate from wear and tear or improper installation of plumbing fixtures, such as shower heads or taps. Periodic checks and tightening of these fixtures could prevent water leakage.

Diagnosing the Source of the Leak

Identifying the exact source of a leak can be challenging. Homeowners can start by visually inspecting the shower area for any of the issues mentioned above. However, if the source remains elusive, it’s wise to enlist the help of a professional tiler, plumber, or bathroom specialist who can diagnose and address the problem more effectively.

Preventative Measures and Regular Maintenance

Preventing leaks often comes down to regular maintenance tasks such as resealing grout and silicone, removing and replacing damaged grout, tightening fixtures, and replacing damaged components promptly. Adopting a proactive approach to shower maintenance can save homeowners time and money in the long run.

Leaking showers are a common issue that homeowners can often resolve with the right approach and timely action. By being vigilant for signs of leaks, understanding the potential causes, and undertaking regular maintenance, you can protect your home from water damage and mould growth. Remember, when in doubt, consulting with a professional can provide peace of mind and ensure that repairs are carried out effectively.

Maximise Your Property’s Market Value: Three Expert Strategies

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In a real estate market that’s more competitive than ever, homeowners are constantly seeking ways to enhance the value of their properties. Whether the goal is to prepare for a sale or to invest in the future of a home, certain areas of improvement can significantly impact a property’s market value. Among these, three strategies stand out for their effectiveness: Full Shower Restoration, Bathroom Makeover, and Kitchen Makeover.

With potential returns of $4 for every $1 spent on refurbishing your Bathroom (LJ Hooker, 2022) and the return on investment for a kitchen renovation of approximately double the amount invested into renovating (Savings, 2o22) completing these upgrades are a great way to add equity to your home. GroutPro, your local tile and grout restoration specialist, offers comprehensive services in these areas, ensuring that your home not only looks its best but also reaches its highest potential value.

Full Shower Restoration

At the heart of a successful bathroom renovation is the shower. A full shower restoration breathes new life into your bathroom, transforming it from merely functional to a showcase of modern living. The benefits of a full shower restoration extend beyond aesthetics; it can significantly increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. A well-maintained, contemporary bathroom suggests a cared-for home, making a strong impression on the market. Moreover, the use of quality materials and professional craftsmanship in the restoration process improves the longevity and sustainability of bathroom fixtures, contributing to the overall value of your property.

GroutPro specialists begin with a thorough assessment of your shower’s current state, identifying the most effective approach to restoration. The selection of materials and colours is a crucial step, allowing homeowners to customise their space to reflect their personal style or that of their potential buyers while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. A GroutPro Shower Restoration will make your shower look fresh and new without spending thousands of dollars on renovating it.

Bathroom Makeover

A bathroom makeover is a transformative process that not only enhances the appearance of your space but also its functionality. The impact of a bathroom makeover on your property’s market value cannot be overstated. By optimising the grout and silicone colours a spacious feel can be achieved, incorporating modern, easy to clean, longer-lasting products, and selecting durable materials with a luxurious finish the bathroom can be transformed to feel not only new but also uniquely tailored to the modern buyer’s preferences. Such improvements make your property more attractive on the market, potentially increasing its selling price significantly.

GroutPro excels in delivering a comprehensive suite of services designed to rejuvenate your bathroom. From re-grouting stained grout and replacing damaged tiles to fixing leaks and conducting deep hygiene cleans, each service is aimed at addressing common bathroom issues that can detract from your home’s value. Furthermore, the application of mould treatment ensures a healthy, clean environment, free from the damaging and unsightly effects of mould growth. A Bathroom Makeover will make an out-dated and worn bathroom look brand new again for a fraction of the cost of renovating, saving you thousands in upgrade costs but potentially increasing your homes equity by up to $4 per every $1 spent renewing your bathroom (LJ Hooker, 2022).

Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen, often referred to as the heart of the home, plays a pivotal role in determining a property’s market value. A kitchen makeover adds value by creating a space that is not only visually appealing but also functional and up-to-date with the feel of newness and quality. This appeal is crucial for homeowners looking to increase their property’s market value, as a modern and efficient kitchen is often a key selling point. By focusing on areas that make the most significant impact on appearance and functionality such as the tiled floor, cabinets, bench top, splash back, paint and lighting it can be anticipated that your kitchen makeover is an investment that pays dividends in the value it adds to your home.

GroutPro’s kitchen makeover services are designed to refresh and modernise your kitchen tiles and splashback, making it more appealing to prospective buyers. Services such as deep hygiene cleaning of greasy and stained grout, application of ColourSeal to protect, colour-match and enhance the appearance of grout and tiles, and silicone removal and replacement, all contribute to rejuvenating the overall look of your kitchen. Additionally, the re-grouting of kitchen splashbacks with epoxy grout ensures a durable, stain-proof finish that complements the kitchen’s aesthetic and provides a further selling point of your home as a stain-proof and easy to clean area.

Maximising your property’s market value is a strategic endeavor that requires careful consideration of where to invest in improvements. With GroutPro’s expertise in Full Shower Restoration, Bathroom Makeover, and Kitchen Makeover, homeowners have access to specialized services that could not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property but also could significantly increase its market value according to data drawn from LJ Hooker and Savings. These targeted upgrades offer a cost-effective alternative to full-scale renovations, that can make your home stand out in a competitive market. Consider these expert strategies to not only boost your home’s selling price but to create a more enjoyable and functional living space for years to come.

For further information on how GroutPro can assist in maximising your home’s value, visit GroutPro’s Website. Explore how our services can transform your property and increase its market appeal today.

Why does my Bathroom look Dirty Even After I Clean it!

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Have you ever spent hours deep cleaning your bathroom only to step back and notice it still looks somewhat dingy or dirty? It’s a common frustration that many homeowners face. But why does this happen even after a thorough clean? In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons behind this perplexing issue and offer solutions you can do yourself to ensure your bathroom maintains its sparkle.

The Culprits Behind the Scenes

Hard Water Stains

One of the primary reasons your bathroom might not look its cleanest is due to hard water stains. Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can leave behind a residue that looks like soap scum or spots on faucets, tiles, and shower doors.

Solution: Installing a water softener system can significantly reduce mineral buildup. For immediate results, consider using a specially formulated cleaners like GroutPro Glass Restore to tackle hard water stains without damaging your shower glass. Keep in mind that glass is porous and the wrong chemicals or cleaners can etch the glass, if you’re unsure about restoring your shower glass yourself contact your local GroutPro specialist who can help you.

Inadequate Lighting

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the cleanliness of the bathroom but with how it’s lit. Poor or inadequate lighting can cast shadows or create an illusion of grime.

Solution: Maximize natural light where possible and consider upgrading to brighter, more energy-efficient lighting fixtures. LED lights can provide a cleaner, more natural light, making your bathroom appear fresher and could even save you money on your energy bill.

Mould and Mildew

Bathrooms and any other wet areas of the house are prone to mould and mildew due to the high humidity levels. These fungi can grow on grout, tiles, and silicone, giving your bathroom a dirty appearance even after cleaning.

Solution: Ensure proper ventilation in your bathroom to reduce humidity levels. Regularly clean areas prone to mould with an effective Mould killer like GroutPro’s Mould Control or Mould-Pro Plus. If your Mould issues persist it may be time to replace the infected grout and silicone to try and remove the Mould spores to attempt to avoid future Mould growth.

Residual Cleaning Products

Ironically, the very products you use to clean your bathroom can sometimes leave behind a film or residue, especially if not rinsed away properly.

Solution: Always follow the instructions on your cleaning products and ensure you rinse surfaces thoroughly. Consider switching to natural cleaners that leave less residue, however keep in mind they may be less effective.

Stained Grout

Grout can easily become stained with mould, mildew, or just general grime, making it a significant contributor to the appearance of a dirty bathroom even after cleaning. Grout is very time consuming and sometimes impossible to clean without the right tools and chemicals, you could spend hours scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush just to have it get stained the next day because there is no sealer on it.

Solution: Use a grout cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to scrub the grout lines, please be aware this will take a lot of elbow grease and hours. Sealing your grout can also prevent future staining and is something we strongly recommend. If there is grout missing, the stains in your grout are not budging no matter how much you scrub or you would like a professional to do the job right the first time and save you hours on your hands and knees – GroutPro have tile and grout restoration specialists Australia wide and ready to help.

Stained and Damaged Silicone

Silicone sealants around the shower, bathtub, or sink can attract mould and discoloration, or can be missing or damaged, detracting from the overall cleanliness and look of your bathroom.

Solution: Regularly inspect and replace damaged or heavily stained silicone. Cleaning with a bleach solution can temporarily improve appearance but replacement is often necessary for a long-term solution.

Soap Scum

Soap scum buildup on shower doors, tiles, and grout can leave a bathroom looking unclean no matter how much you scrub.

Solution: Use a soap scum removing chemical like GroutPro’s ProSan Foam, ensure you read the labels carefully on all chemicals you use for safety and effective application of the product. Regularly squeegee shower doors and walls to prevent buildup again.

Stained and Cracked or Damaged Tiles

Damaged tiles and staining from various sources can make the bathroom appear unkempt.

Solution: Replace cracked or damaged tiles and use a tile cleaner to address staining. Consider re-grouting if the problem persists, as grout is porous and if not sealed it will soak up all types of dirt, grime and discolouration. Your local tile and grout restoration specialist can help you with this.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Incorporating regular maintenance into your cleaning routine can prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Daily or weekly tasks such as wiping down surfaces and keeping the bathroom ventilated can make a significant difference in its overall appearance. Sometimes these DIY fixes are not enough, often a combination of hygiene deep clean using a turbo cleaner & appropriate cleaning products, re-grout and silicone replacement is what is needed to make your bathroom look new again. Once the professional restoration has been completed it is much easier to maintain the new, fresh and clean look of your bathroom for years to come.

Wrap Up

A clean bathroom is not only about the effort put into scrubbing and disinfecting but also about understanding the underlying issues that can make it appear dirty. By addressing problems like hard water stains, inadequate lighting, mould growth, residual cleaning products, stained grout, missing silicone, soap scum, and damaged tiles, you can ensure your bathroom remains sparkling clean.

Remember, a clean, repaired and restored bathroom is a healthy bathroom. Restorative services, regular maintenance and the right cleaning strategies can make all the difference!

Is Your Silicone Haunting Your Mind? It’s Probably Time To Change It!

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Silicone plays a crucial role in our homes, particularly in areas like the shower, bathroom, laundry, toilet and kitchen. It offers a flexible, water-resistant, and durable solution to keeping water out of the walls and floors of our homes and businesses. You will notice this water tight sealant in the corners of tiled rooms, these areas of a home or building see water and moisture on a daily basis and require the water resistant silicone to avoid water damage. Like any material, silicone does not last forever. So when should you replace your silicone, and why?

The Lifespan of Silicone

Silicone is resilient, but over time it can become damaged, stained, or mouldy. Poor quality silicone tends to wear out more quickly, leading to discoloration and water damage in what should be water-proof rooms and areas. This degradation is not only unsightly but can also compromise the functionality of the silicone, leading to leaks and other more sinister issues.

Notice the Damage and Reap the Benefits of Replacing Silicone

How do you know when you should replace your silicone? Often it can be pretty clear by just looking at it – has it discoloured, is it mouldy, does it have damage or missing parts? You could also just think back to your last shower, did you avoid touching the corners because the silicone looked gross? If you answered yes… then it is probably time to replace that silicone.

Another crucial tell tale sign that it is time to replace your silicone are leaks! As we explained earlier, silicone is used to stop leaks, if your silicone has been damaged, missing or is failing for one reason or another then chances are you have water leaking into your floors or walls – this can be a big issue.

So what can replacing damaged silicone do? There are a host of benefits. The most important of course is that fresh silicone can seal cracks and gaps which prevents leaks and water damage which can occur when water gets behind the tiles and grout. New silicone also enhances the smooth look of tiled surfaces which additionally aids in easier cleaning. It can also refresh the look of your bathroom, shower, or kitchen, making these spaces feel like-new, clean and fresh.

The Importance of Professional Help

While it may be tempting to tackle silicone replacement yourself, it can be tricky to get right. That’s where professionals who can guarantee their work come in, professionals like GroutPro. Hiring a professional service ensures the job is done effectively, efficiently, and to a high standard. They have the skills and experience needed to replace silicone properly, preventing future problems and ensuring your wet rooms in your home remain water tight and in top condition.

In conclusion, silicone replacement is not just about aesthetics, it’s about the functionality and longevity of your home. So if your silicone is starting to show signs of wear and tear, don’t delay – reach out to a professional and refresh your home today.

5 Ways to Beautifully Transform Your Bathroom to Easily Look New Again

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Every homeowner knows that the bathroom is more than just a functional space. It’s a sanctuary, a place of relaxation, and with the right touches, it can be a direct reflection of your personal style. Here are 5 ways you can transform your bathroom into a space that not only meets your needs but also enhances your home’s overall appeal.

1. Declutter Your Bathroom

First and foremost, remove clutter from your bathroom. The area around the sink should be clear of items to prevent mould growth in places that can’t dry completely. Consider upgrading your blinds to frosted windows or louvers for easy cleaning and a sleek look. A clean and organized bathroom instantly feels more spacious and inviting.

2. Restore Your Shower Screen

Soap scum and water spots can make your shower glass look dull and unattractive. Attempting to restore your shower glass yourself could end in a damaged shower screen as glass is porous and can be etched by the wrong chemicals or tools. So, ensure you read the label of the products carefully or better yet, call in the professionals for a sparkling, restored shower screen.

3. Replace Discoloured Silicone

Discoloured and stained silicone around your sink, bathtub, and shower can make your bathroom look dated. Replacing the silicone and matching the colour to your current tiles can breathe an air of freshness and revival into the space, making a remarkable difference in its overall look. Ensuring your silicone isn’t damaged will also help avoid water leaks and mould growth in and around your tiles, grout and shower.

4. Upgrade Your Towels

Your bathroom is a private sanctuary, so why not add a personal touch? Buy a new set of towels that match the colour and aesthetic of your bathroom. While towels are a practical tool, consider them as a decorative piece on display on your towel racks to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

5. Re-Grout Your Bathroom

Re-grouting your shower or bathroom can give it the biggest transformation. If your grout is missing, stained, or has never looked good, re-grouting can fix your problems. Remember, this isn’t a DIY job. It’s easy to cause major damage that will cost you a lot to fix. Your local GroutPro specialist can communicate your vision, colour match the grout with your tiles, clean the area thoroughly, and carefully remove and install new grout. If you feel your shower needs a bit more attention, we can replace the shower drain, remove and replace all your silicone, and even replace broken tiles if necessary. Got a leaking shower? Your local specialist can fix it and ensure your bathroom looks better than new!

Transforming your bathroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these 5 steps, you can create a space that you will love and enjoy for years to come. With our GroutPro team backing your vision, we can work together to make your bathroom look and feel brand new again.

Say Goodbye to Leaks and Mould: GroutPro’s Silicone Replacement Service

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Your bathroom and kitchen are the hubs of daily life. They should be places of tranquility and functionality, but over time, the silicone sealant that holds your tiles and fixtures together can degrade, leading to issues like leaks and mould. Fortunately, GroutPro’s Silicone Replacement Service can be your saviour.

The Silicone Struggle

Silicone sealant, though unassuming, plays a crucial role in keeping water at bay. It seals gaps and joints around sinks, bathtubs, showers, and countertops, ensuring water doesn’t infiltrate your walls and floors. However, the silicone in your bathroom or kitchen is not invincible. Over time, it can become discoloured, damaged, or even start to peel away. This not only diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your space but also creates an environment for mould to flourish.

Leaky Consequences

A leaking shower or sink can seem like a minor inconvenience, but the repercussions can be significant. Water can seep into hidden cavities, leading to structural damage and costly repairs down the line. Moreover, mould and mildew thrive in damp environments, impacting indoor air quality and potentially causing health issues.

The GroutPro Solution

GroutPro’s Silicone Replacement Service is designed to address these concerns head-on. Our specialists are highly skilled in removing the old, compromised silicone, thoroughly hygiene cleaning the area and replacing it with a fresh, high-quality sealant. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

1. Leak Prevention: By replacing old, damaged silicone, water can stay where it belongs – in your sinks, showers, and bathtubs.

2. Mould Mitigation: Fresh silicone prevents water intrusion, reducing the risk of mould growth and keeping your space hygienic.

3. Aesthetic Improvement: Crisp, clean silicone lines improve the overall look of your bathroom and kitchen, creating a polished and inviting ambiance.

4. Longevity: Our silicone replacement service uses high-quality sealant, ensuring the new silicone lasts.

5. Peace of Mind: With GroutPro’s experts on the job, you can trust that the work will be done right the first time.

Don’t Let Silicone Woes Linger

If you’ve been putting off addressing the deteriorating silicone in your bathroom or kitchen, now is the time to act. GroutPro’s Silicone Replacement Service can provide a cost-effective solution, preventing further damage and mould-related issues while revitalising your space’s appearance.

Say hello to a pristine bathroom and kitchen today. Contact GroutPro for a Free Consultation, and let us bring a fresh and vibrant look to your home.

Grout Repair vs Grout Replacement

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Making the Right Choice for Your Tiles

Tiles are the cornerstone of a beautiful home, bringing charm and functionality to spaces. But over time, the grout that holds them together can start showing signs of wear and tear. The question is: do you repair the grout, or is it time for a complete replacement? Let’s delve into the world of grout repair vs. replacement and help you make an informed decision.

Understanding the Grout Trouble Signs

Grout serves as more than just a filler between tiles; it ensures stability, prevents water damage, and enhances the aesthetics of your space. Before deciding whether to repair or replace, let’s decipher the signs that something might be amiss:

Grout Repair Indicators

  1. Minor Cracks: Hairline cracks on the grout surface can often be repaired.
  2. Discoloration: Stains and discolouration might be addressed through professional cleaning and ColourSealing.
  3. Localised Damage: If only specific areas show wear, repairing those portions might be sufficient.

Grout Replacement Situations

  1. Severe Damage: Extensive cracks, crumbling, and missing sections signal the need for replacement.
  2. Mould and Mildew: Deep-seated mould or mildew growth that resists cleaning indicates a replacement is necessary.
  3. Loose or Missing Tiles: If tiles are loose due to grout or glue deterioration, replacement of grout is essential to maintain structural integrity, this may include the replacement of some tiles as well.

Can You DIY?

While small-scale grout repairs can be DIY projects, extensive issues are best left to professionals. DIY repairs might mask underlying problems, causing more harm and expense in the long run. Professional assessment ensures the right solution is implemented saving you time, money and stress.

How GroutPro Can Help

GroutPro specialises in transforming tiles and grout to their former glory. Whether it’s a repair or replacement, our experts analyse the situation and tailor a solution:

Some services we may recommend:

  • Re-grouting:

This can include the Removal of Old Grout, Hygienic Clean of Grout lines, Mould Treatment if Necessary, Grout Colour of Your Choice, New Grout Installation, and Grout and Tile Sealing.

  • Epoxy Re-Grouting

Which can include removal of the old, damaged, crumbling grout, a Hygiene Deep clean of grout lines to ensure no left over debris or bacteria, Mould treatment of the grout lines if necessary, and your choice of Epoxy Grout colour in the installation of new grout. Epoxy is one of our most popular products as it is a resin based grout making it incredibly easy to clean and is also completely stain-proof.

  • Silicone Seal Replacement:

This GroutPro service can include the Removal of Silicone, a Complete Hygiene Clean of the area, Mould Treatment if Necessary, Silicone Colour of Your Choice, and Application of brand new Silicone.

  • ColourSeal Application

ColourSeal can not-only seal your grout, but it can also conceal minor imperfections in your grout including small hairline fractures and pitting. ColourSeal is available in over 80 different colours which you can choose from. We will apply this coloured sealant to your grout lines to protect from future stains and aid in fixing minor grout damage.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing between grout repair and replacement depends on the extent of damage and the expertise required. While DIY repairs can work for minor issues, significant damage demands professional attention to ensure long-lasting results.

At GroutPro, we’re committed to elevating your tile experience. Let our specialists assess your situation and recommend the best course of action. Whether it’s a repair or a replacement, count on GroutPro to transform your space and bring back its brilliance.

Remember, every tile deserves the best care. Reach out to GroutPro for a professional evaluation and a tailored solution that suits your needs.

Contact GroutPro today to schedule a consultation and give your tiled surfaces a new lease on life.

Why is Damaged Grout Bad?

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Grout is the cement-like material that fills the gaps between tiles, and it is an essential component of any tiled surface. Sand-based grout is the most used grout in homes, this type of grout however is very porous and becomes stained easily. Over time, this type of grout can also become damaged or missing, which can lead to a variety of problems for homeowners.

Grout can become damaged or missing due to a variety of reasons, such as age, wear and tear, and exposure to moisture. Improper installation, cleaning, or maintenance can also contribute to grout problems. It’s essential to address any grout issues as soon as possible to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your tiled surfaces.

Addressing your damaged or missing grout isn’t usually on the top of people’s lists, however the longer you leave it, the worse it may get. Gaps in your grout can allow moisture to seep through to the subfloor, which can cause water damage and mould growth. Damaged or missing grout can make tiles unstable and may lead to cracking and shifting. Other than the unpleasant sight, unstable tiles can be dangerous, especially in high-traffic areas.

If you need a bit more than just patching up some damaged grout, you may decide to re-grout your home. In this case we recommend installing epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is a popular choice especially amongst our customers because of its durability, stain-resistance, and how easy it is to clean. It’s also waterproof, which makes it an excellent choice for areas exposed to moisture such as showers, bathrooms and laundries.

GroutPro is a professional grout restoration company that can help you with all your grout-related needs. We specialise in re-grouting by removing damaged grout and installing new grout. We work closely with our customers to choose the perfect grout colour for your home, ensuring a seamless and beautiful finish.

Contact GroutPro today to schedule a consultation and give your tiled surfaces a new lease on life.

The Importance of a Hygiene Deep Clean

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Did you know that your shower floor holds 60x more bacteria than your toilet seat?

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is vital for any household, especially when it comes to high traffic areas like showers, toilets and bathrooms. With nearly 16 million Colony-Forming Units (CFU) on our shower floor alone our bathrooms are loaded with bacteria. These areas are where we go for personal hygiene, but ironically are more prone to accumulating bacteria, germs, and mould due to their high traffic, exposure to moisture & other organic matter especially when grooming ourselves.

These findings tell us that regular cleaning and even an annual hygiene deep clean are essential to preventing buildup of nasty microbes to ensure a healthy living environment for your family.

When to Get a Hygiene Deep Clean

A survey found that the bathroom gets cleaned 3 to 4 times a month on average. To limit the growth of germs and bacteria we suggest getting into a habit of cleaning your bathroom more frequently. We also recommend a hygiene deep clean every 12-18 months, depending on the usage and traffic in the area. However, a hygiene deep clean is also a good idea after any renovations or repairs that involve tiling work or before and after any major events or gatherings at home to ensure a hygienic environment for your guests and family.

GroutPro’s Hygiene Deep Clean

GroutPro offers professional hygiene deep cleaning for all tiled areas in your home. GroutPro uses hospital-grade disinfectants that are safe for your family, and a mechanical scrubbing machine to thoroughly remove bacteria from the tiled areas. GroutPro’s hygiene deep clean service not only eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria and germs but also helps to prolong the life of your tiles and grout.



Germs in your Bathroom


5 Common Mould Removal Myths & Mistakes

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The 5 Most Common Mould Removal Myths & Mistakes


1. Using the incorrect products and not killing the spores

A common myth is that bleach will kill mould, this is unfortunately incorrect. Bleach only removes the colour from the mould but does not kill the spores.

Bleach and chlorine-based cleaners also cause damage by eating away at the grout and etching the tiles turning beautiful natural stone or unglazed tiles cloudy permanently. The grout will eventually become brittle & unstable and will start to crumble away.

Using bleach often can also make air quality worse and potentially cause respiratory irritation, blurred vision, watery eyes and nausea, among others. it is especially dangerous to mix bleach with other chemicals.

2. Taking too long to address the mould growth

Most people think mould takes weeks to grow and spread, 24 to 48 hours is all mould and mildew actually need to develop after water exposure. Growth will continue until the source of moisture is eliminated and the spores are destroyed. Even a small water spill on a bathroom shelf can turn into a mouldy mess if left unattended.

The moment mould is spotted, it’s time to take action.

3. Painting or applying silicone over mould

Although you may see “mould-resistant” paint and silicone at your local hardware store, applying it over mould-affected surfaces will not kill the mould, it can actually cause more issues in the long run.

Keep in mind that these mould-resistant paints and silicones don’t guarantee mould won’t grow on surfaces, as long as the mould has been treated before application and it has been applied properly, they can help prevent re-growth temporarily.

4. Not looking for the cause of the mould

The leading cause of mould is moisture. If a room is humid, not ventilated properly or has a leak, mould will grow back even if the spores have been killed.

Here are some tips to help prevent mould growth in the first place:

  • Keep humidity levels below 50%. Adding a dehumidifier can help.
  • If there is a leak, it’s imperative to repair it as soon as possible.
  • Vent bathrooms and clothes dryers to the outside.
  • Seal bathroom grouts to help waterproof your walls and floors.
  • Use an exhaust fan or open the doors and/or windows to let moisture escape during and after showering.
  • Leave the shower curtain or door open to help the room dry after a shower.

5. Allowing yourself to be exposed to mould

It can take anywhere from 1 to 9 hours after mould exposure to start developing symptoms such as a stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes and skin. Those with allergies, asthma, compromised immune systems or respiratory issues should be extra careful when it comes to mould as mould exposure symptoms can cause serious problems.

When cleaning mould, you must remember that mould spores can travel in the air, to limit your exposure, PPE such as long rubber gloves, eye protection and a mask is recommended. Getting help for your mould issues may be the safest and most effective option, call your local GroutPro specialist today.

Huge Job For Melbourne Airport

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Huge Job For Melbourne Airport

When Melbourne Airport had problems with the floors in one of their commercial kitchens they turned to GroutPro. With the entire floor of a large commercial kitchen to be restored in one of the busiest buildings in the country, a very tight time-frame was given to complete the work so that the restaurant could get back to business. GroutPro Werribee joined forces with two other GroutPro specialists to attack the problem at full speed over a marathon 30 hours without a break. Old damaged grout was removed from the entire floor and new epoxy grout was installed to ensure compliance with hygiene regulations were met, and to make the surfaces much easier to clean. The entire floor area was restored to look as good as new again, but having installed epoxy grout, it was also stain free and impervious to penetration and build up of bacteria.
Melbourne Airport understands the importance of re-grouting with epoxy grout in their commercial kitchens and bathrooms as it reduces the need for time and resources spent on cleaning their tiles and grout and it is the most durable of all grout types available reducing the need for harsh and intensive cleaning processes and chemicals. In places such as a kitchens or bathrooms, stains are hard to avoid without epoxy grout. Normal sand-based grout is very porous, it soaks up all types of substances which create stains that are hard or even impossible to remove without re-grouting.
With no rest for 30 hours, our GroutPro specialists delivered a permanent, durable, non-porous, stain-proof solution, on time and on budget. Having kept within the time constraints and delivering a top quality job, they exceeded expectations of the Melbourne Airport… another happy GroutPro customer.

Epoxy Grouting in Commercial Buildings

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Epoxy Grouting in Commercial Buildings

A scheduling crunch on the construction of a new Porsche automotive showroom and servicing facility in Melbourne was one case where GroutPro’s considerable resources came to the rescue on an epoxy grout job. Here’s what happened:

A tiling company originally hired to lay tiles and install grout were struggling with their work load and lack of expertise with installing epoxy grout. Typically, tilers have a loathing for installing epoxy grout as it is more difficult and time consuming than cement-based grout, especially on this type of small textured tiles so to ensure the construction schedule was not disrupted, GroutPro was called in to install the 1180sqm of epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is a very hard and durable material that offers vastly superior stain and wear resistance, and provides excellent waterproofing properties compared to conventional cement-based grout which is notorious for staining.

On inspection of the workshop and showroom floors it was soon clear that a team of GroutPro specialists would be needed to meet the project timeline. Three additional GroutPro experts arrived on the job and sixteen days of intensive grouting and finishing saw the completion of an extraordinary job. These four grout experts were installing 70-90 sqm of epoxy grout per day and it was calculated that 160 epoxy kits were used by the end of the sixteen days.

Epoxy is GroutPro’s favourite product to offer as we know how durable and beneficial it is in all buildings, especially in high traffic areas such as commercial and residential bathrooms and kitchens. We don’t just service large commercial properties, but residential homes as well. If you’d like to find out about epoxy grout or any of our other services, then give us a call on 1800 822 459 or enter your details in our quick quote form on our website for a free quote from one of your local GroutPro specialists.


Collage of an enormous epoxy grouting job in Melbourne's Porsche showroom

These photos are a collage of a large epoxy grouting job before, during and after completion. It took 16 days to finish.




9 Ways to Prevent Mould and Mildew in Your Bathroom

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9 Ways to Prevent Mould and Mildew in Your Bathroom

Many people believe that mould is inevitable in bathrooms.


Mould on Tile, Glass and Silicon is very common. Yukk…..

The good news is that with the right preventative measures it needn’t be.

As you may know, mould or mildew is a kind of fungi which is common in homes around the world, particularly moist areas. It usually spreads through airborne spores and can form colonies in conditions which are favourable for its growth.

As mould usually grows in damp and dark spaces, bathrooms and showers are where you’ll most often find it.

Small amounts of mould are generally harmless, however, once it builds up, it can cause serious health concerns.

In fact, it can cause allergic reactions including sinus problems, rashes or headaches. Worse still, it can also trigger breathing complications and asthma.

Below are some quick tips to help you stop those nasty spores from wreaking havoc on your tiles, grout and silicone seals.



Quick Tips

  • Keep the doors and windows open as often as you possibly can, especially the shower door after showering.
  • Install an exhaust fan and always leave it on when you’re in the shower and afterwards (we recommend running the fan for 20 minutes after showering).
  • Dry down the shower walls, floor and silicone seal joints, and after using your towels, spread them out so they can dry out quickly.
  • De-clutter your bathroom and use fewer containers. This provides fewer surfaces for mould to potentially grow.
  • Use shower curtains that are easy to clean and dry to avoid soap residue from accumulating in your shower.
  • Prevent mould build-up on walls and ceilings by using a mould resistant paint. Clean the areas that need to be painted using Sugar Soap and remove any peeling paint. Finally, give your bathroom’s walls and ceilings a coat of mould resistant paint.
  • Cleaning your bathroom regularly helps prevent mould from returning. Use anti-fungal solutions for cleaning the ceiling and floor of your showers and bathrooms.
  • To remove mould from your bathroom tiles and grout, it’s important to use the right cleaning products. Most bleach-based cleaning products only hide mould and mildew by bleaching out the spore colour. Our GroutPro MOULD-PRO PLUS product actually kills mould, mildew and algae and helps keep it under control.

To arrange a quote simply click here to Request a Quote Now or call us on 1800 822 459.

From Horrible to Awesome !

Dreadful to Fantastic !

Unfortunately, when the mould build-up is severe, even the most effective cleaning sprays won’t be enough to kill the mould and remove the stains on your grout and silicone as it may have already started to penetrate into the surface.  If that has happened then the only option may be to re-grout affected areas and remove and replace the silicone seals. That’s where professional tile and grout restoration comes in.

And if you have mould in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else, our GroutPro tile and grout restoration specialists can make your surfaces look brand new again.

How Can We Help?

Stained, mouldy or dirty grout and tiles are never sexy.
The great news is that you can make them look brand new again.

With our own formulated tile and grout solutions used by our fully qualified specialists, we not only clean your tiles and grout we can make sure all grout is sealed and protected from staining to retain its durability over time.

Our services include:

Call 1800 822 459 to have your GroutPro Specialist in contact ASAP.

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Grout ColourSealing
  • Tile, Grout & Stone Sealing
  • Damaged Tile Repairs
  • Grout Repair & Tile Re-grouting
  • Terracotta & Slate Resealing
  • Silicone Seal replacement
  • Slippery Floor Treatment
  • Glass Restoration and Glass Protection
  • Professional Exterior Cleaning
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Bathroom Makeovers

To arrange a quote simply click here to Request a Quote Now or call us on 1800 822 459.

Replacing Grout in Commercial Kitchens

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Replacing Grout in Commercial Kitchens

The Challenge with Commercial Tiles

Tiles in commercial kitchens, restaurants or cafés go through a lot.  Not only the constant foot traffic of customers coming and going at all hours of the day or night, or chefs constantly on the move in the kitchen, but also the stains and wears that come from spills and cleaning.  Most tiles are laid with conventional cement and sand based grout, and while this may provide the cheap and easy alternative, conventional sanded grout is very porous which allows it to absorb both solids and liquids very easily causing staining, but also providing a perfect haven for bacteria to thrive.  One of the major health risks in commercial kitchens is oleic acid which is produced when frying food, and this acid together with oils and fats can flow through the grout and into cavities under the tiles where is accumulates and damages the tile adhesive and the floor they are laid on.  Springwood Sports long shot of kitchen floor

Mopping or hosing down will only remove soil-age and bacteria from the surface but what’s absorbed below the surface remains creating a very unhygienic food source for bacteria.  Over time these contaminants together with harsh cleaning products will weaken the grout, tile adhesive and substrate which will begin to fail allowing grout to fall out and tiles to become detached from the substrate.  Your floors not only start to show stains, the integrity and strength of your tiled floors are compromised due to grout that just can’t cut it.

How can I make commercial kitchen tiled floors last?

The secret to tiled floors that last is Epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is a two part plastic resin mixed with a filler which is impervious to penetrating staining liquids and solids, and better suited for harsh cleaning products.  Epoxy grout offers greater bond strength and chemical resistance than cement grout providing a surface that can be easily cleaned with conventional methods.  Many fast food outlets specify epoxy grout for their floors for both maintenance cleaning and hygiene reasons.  This means that not only will your floors be more hygienic and last longer, it means that you can thoroughly clean your floors more effectively without having to worry about causing damage with harsh chemicals.

Epoxy Grout is your solution to longer lasting floors

Epoxy grout is used in larger tiled surface areas normally in commercial applications.  Business owners use Epoxy grout in public tiled areas with high levels of foot traffic because it’s durable, and easy to clean.  Even home owners are starting to see the benefits of using Epoxy grout in tiled areas, particularly in showers.  It is important to select the correct grade of epoxy grout as they are not all the same.  Your GroutPro specialist can explain the differences and offer a suitable product for your application.

GroutPro offers grout repair and re-grouting services

Our GroutPro specialists were called out to a commercial kitchen at Springwood Country Club – Bathurst, to remove and replace 80 square metres of damaged grout and perform repairs to damages substrate and replace detached tiles.  As the work was in a busy operational kitchen, our teams were working outside operating hours to ensure as little interruption to their business as possible. Check out the photos below to see the results of how it came out.

If you are interested in restoring the tiles and grout in your commercial kitchen or tiled area, contact us today or find a GroutPro specialist near you.

  • A full kitchen clean, ColourSeal and silicone replacement, photo's show the before and after of the services
    A full kitchen clean, ColourSeal and silicone replacement, photo's show the before and after of the services

Glass Restoration | GroutPro

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Glass Restoration | GroutPro

Are You Looking To Restore The Glass In Your Bathroom?

A perfectly clean bathroom is something we all work for, but after a few years have you noticed that the glass in your shower or mirror isn’t what it used to be? Have you started noticing small white stains in your glass that you can’t seem scrub out?

It’s a very common issue with bathroom glass stains. Over time, mineral deposits in the water create spots and stains on the glass that if left un-checked, can become quite an eyesore that seems impossible to get clean, and it will start to damage and etch the surface of the glass.  If left too long the damage can get beyond repair, resulting in you having the expense of totally replacing the glass.


Glass restoration from GroutPro can make your bathroom look like new

At GroutPro we use our own Professional Glass Restorer, which is designed to remove stains from your glass, making it look near new. GroutPro Professional Glass Restorer is an environmentally and family friendly product that is used to remove calcium, hard water staining, and is water-based and biodegradable. Its non-corrosive formula contains no solvents or acids and is designed to not leave a single scratch or mark on your glass. With your shower glass looking like new you don’t have to get frustrated every time you clean your bathroom only to have the glass look like it hasn’t been touched.

There are tonnes of “miracle” products available at the supermarket for cleaning your shower glass that claim to remove tough stains, spots, calcium, mineral deposits and soap scum, but most of the time they fail, and many actually cause other damage to your shower due to the aggressive chemical concoctions they’re made from.  These chemicals aren’t necessarily the things you want hanging around your family either.


How does GroutPro Glass Restoration work?

We use GroutPro brand products in a 2-stage process. The first stage is to use our specialised glass restorer formula to clean the dirt and mineral stains from the surface and out of the “pores” of your bathroom glass.

After we have removed the glass stains we start on stage two.  In stage two we spray the glass with GroutPro Professional Glass Protector, which provides you with an easy to clean coating that stops water from clinging to the surface of the glass, preventing the opportunity for glass stains to re-appear.

Once your glass has been restored looking after it is simple.  Just wipe over the shower glass after use with a squeegee or soft cloth to remove any water or residue, and that’s it.

See these photos below of a before and after glass restoration job from one of our GroutPro professionals, James from Perth.

  • Photograph shows the result after a GroutPro glass restoration on a shower screen.
    Photograph shows the result after a GroutPro glass restoration on a shower screen.

If you think your glass could do with some restoring all you have to do is contact your closest GroutPro specialist. Or for more information, contact us.

Find a GroutPro specialist near you

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning | GroutPro

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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning | GroutPro

Grout Cleaning – Giving You the Very Best

The difference you will experience between GroutPro Tile and Grout Cleaners and our competitors is that we are professional specialists at what we do.  The range of tile and grout restoration services that we provide are of the highest standard using the best products in the world. We will not compromise on quality of workmanship or product.

If you are going to pay someone to do work in your home, and they show up with a bucket full of supermarket products, do yourself a favour and send them away.  They are not serious about providing you the best possible service and they are using the same products you’ve probably already tried.

Grout Cleaning GroutPro picture 1


Some companies who are household names in the carpet cleaning and house cleaning game, have started to offer tile and grout cleaning services, and sealing services. They think that by branching out into tile and grout restoration they can diversify their offering and make more money. The truth is, they should focus their energies on their chosen specialisation. Once companies start to branch out, they are no longer specialists in their chosen fields and this may impact the quality of the service that you, the customer receives.

GroutPro has specialists operating all over Australia and experience shows that most jobs require more maintenance than a basic clean.  Our specialists are able to identify issues with your tiles and grout such as minor grout damage (pitting, cracking, powdering), broken or loose tiles that require re-setting or damaged silicone seals on a floor to wall joint that requires replacing.  We are able to quickly and efficiently repair these types of things on the spot.  Asking a carpet cleaner to do this, will end in disappointment, possible damage and further cost.

Grout Cleaning GroutPro

When you invite GroutPro into your home for Grout Cleaning or other services, you can be assured that you will receive punctual, respectful and professional service at a competitive price. We aim to deliver the “wow” factor and we will be pretty disappointed in ourselves if you cannot see a significant improvement to your tiled surfaces. We pride ourselves in making your surfaces stain resistant and easy to clean in the long term.

Just use our Contact us form or give us a call on 1800 822 459 or request a free, no obligation quote on our website and one of our specialists will come out to show you why we are the leading tile and grout cleaning and restoration company in Australia. You can also read what some of our happy customers have to say about us HERE.

Cleaning and Restoring Slate Tiles

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Restoring Slate Tiles To Their Original Glory

Cleaning and Resealing Slate Tiles by GroutPro

Slate tiles look fantastic as a floor tile however it’s important to seal the surface of slate tiles because being a natural material it is porous. This means dirt and grime will penetrate into the surface which can’t be removed without specialised cleaning equipment. Normal mopping, steam mops and supermarket cleaning products are just not able to remove it.

Close up of dirty grout

Assuming your tiler did seal your slate after laying it, the sealer chosen could range from the cheap DIY products available at hardware stores, or it could be a more “professional grade”. The difference between qualities of sealer is durability, adhesion and resistance to discolouration. GroutPro Specialists only use our own GroutPro professional grade sealer which is typically applied in three coats to provide a long lasting glossy appearance and which is easy to clean with conventional mopping.

Our Goonellabah team started work on a job recently which included a 9m² strip of slate tiles into the laundry. The tiles were laid some 33 years ago. The owners had the slate cleaned and resealed just over 2 years earlier by another company who sealed over the top of dirt and stains left behind by their cleaning process. The owners believed there was no way we could restore their slate back to its original beauty, it was so badly marked and stained.

Scott, our team leader in Goonellabah, recommended a major clean involving stripping off the old sealer and had originally hoped to achieve an 85% chance of bringing the tiles back to their original appearance when first laid. Pre-testing the tiles with a number of stripping products Scott found some performed well on the tiles but not on the grout lines which remained dark and stained.partial clean of slate floor

With Scott’s extensive experience in grout and tile cleaning he settled on a commercial grade stripper which he found was effective in the softening and removal of this particular sealing product on both tiles and grout. The key was to allow sufficient time for the application to sit and soak through into the old sealer, then Scott was able to remove all traces of the old sealer and was then able to thoroughly clean the slate tiles and grout in preparation for the new sealer. The result was a near 100% removal of the dirty old sealer and clean of the slate tiles underneath.

The owners could not get over the change in appearance. Once sections of the old sealer had been removed and the tiles properly cleaned, they could see just how badly discoloured and stained the old sealer and the slate under the sealer had been.

The owners went on to book and confirm the other 60m² of their slate flooring for cleaning and restoring. Scott was also able to assist them with stained windows so the entire house was looking sparkling. The owners also recommended Scott to their neighbours with similar slate flooring who were very impressed with what they saw and immediately booked Scott to restore their slate floors too.

Fantastic results for Scott and his team in Goonellabah. If you’re looking at stained slate tiles every day, you’ll want the best service around: GroutPro’s Tile and Grout Cleaning service. Get an Obligation FREE Quote or Call us today 1800 822 459

Getting Your House Ready For Sale

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Getting Your House Ready For Sale


Maintenance and Spring Cleaning Can Really Help

As Spring approaches, so does the busiest time of year for real estate agents. There are approximately 65% more properties available for sale in Spring than any other time of year. People tend to want to sell at this time of year because the weather is warmer, the gardens look more appealing and neater and the house tends to be more inviting.

Before putting your home on the market, you need to take an objective look at it, and all the things that need fixing ­in order to get the biggest return and address potential house maintenance. Buyers tend to focus on a few key areas of a prospective new home ­- the kitchen and the bathrooms. Dirty tiles and grout can be a potential deal breaker in sale negotiations. The alternative ­- installing a new kitchen or bathroom can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. This may not be money that you want to spend if you aren’t going to be around to enjoy it.

A cost­ effective alternative is to have your kitchen or bathroom given a new lease of life. The photo’s below show a unit in Sydney’s inner city that was going on the market. GroutPro was enlisted to update the bathroom. Upon inspection, there was grout missing in a few areas, and the grout was heavily discoloured, with mould growing in some areas.

The tiles and grout in the bathroom was cleaned, missing grout was replaced and GroutPro’s unique Colourseal product was added to the shower walls and bathroom floors to give the bathroom a fresh, updated look. This low cost house maintenance solution contributed to high return for the owners on auction day.

If you are looking to sell your home or investment property in coming months, then Contact your local GroutPro specialist today and ask for your FREE, no obligation quote or PH: 1800 822 459 or simply click on the Quick Quote form above.

GroutPro’s Maintenance Products

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Maintenance Products

With the growth of the home renovation industry, as well as the popularity of ceramic tiles and natural stone as a floor choice, it is important that homeowners protect their investment. Some readily available supermarket products are highly acidic and corrosive with the ability to eat into your tiles and grout, which can lead to irreparable damage.

Below is a photo of one of our recent customer’s bathroom – she had been using an acidic product with a pH of 0.5 that she had purchased from her local supermarket. The product is highly dangerous to use and the acidity of the product has caused the damage to her tiles.

There are a lot of tile and floor cleaning products flooding the market these days but what exactly are you looking for to maintain your floors. One of the key things that you need to look for in a tile/floor cleaner product is pH neutral. What is pH neutral? pH neutral refers to something that it neither acidic nor alkaline. GroutPro’s products are regarded as leading edge within the industry and have recently made their maintenance products available online for customers to purchase.

Pro-Kleen is a highly concentrated pH neutral cleaner which is also non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free. It can be used for all areas of your home from tiles and floors to washing the dishes or even your car.

Citrus Eco-Kleen is a pH neutral multi-purpose product. Cutting through soap scum, dirt and germs and kills 99% of bacteria when it comes in contact. Citrus Eco-Kleen has a pleasant smell, as opposed to a number of multi-purpose products currently available on the market.

If you are interested in trying these in-demand, high quality products or to find out more information, simply go to the ‘Tile and Grout Cleaning Products’ page of our website.


Contact us using our Enquiry form or call your local GroutPro specialist on PH: 1800 822 459 to arrange a free demo.


Cracked Travertine Stone Tiles | GroutPro

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Problems with “Hard-wearing” Travertine Stone Tiles?

We all know how hard wearing and durable floor tiles are, especially real stone tiles – or are they? Recently Wayne and his Balcatta team visited a home where the Travertine stone tiles had been extensively damaged, were cracked through the centre of the tile and chipping away from no apparent reason.

Travertine stone is a type of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs.  Being a soft stone it is easily damaged with both normal traffic as well as accidental incidents. High heel shoes put a lot of pressure on small areas and cause chaos on these type of floors, as can dropping of something like an umbrella, or knife, or perhaps a child’s toys or the like. Plonking down of dining chairs also might affect the stone. Normal foot traffic over time eventually shows weak spots throughout the stone as well and regular maintenance is recommended simply due to it’s soft make-up and possible inconsistencies in it’s density.

In this particular home the cracking may have initiated within the concrete slab below the tiles as the extent of the damage ran across multiple tiles along the same path. Wayne and his team got to work on the major cracks and the results were fantastic. A small amount of Travertine stone filler was used to carefully fill the cracked section and major holes. After carefully scraping the area to remove any excess filler it was left to cure. With a final touch up the area was lightly sanded and dried with a soft cloth.

Not only was the home-owner so amazed by the results, she could hardly find the original cracks. Wayne and his team completed the job which included most of the floor area within the home and the Travertine stone tiles look amazingly clean and new again.

If you’ve got a problem area of Travertine stone tiling and need advise on repairs to cracks and chips contact GroutPro today to find your local tile and grout cleaning specialist.

Phone: 1800 822 459

Grout ColourSealing: Changing Older Bathrooms

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Need A Change To Your Bathroom? Stains & Mildew Making it Look Shabby?


GroutPro Comes to the Rescue with Grout ColourSealing!

Here at GroutPro we don’t just repair the damage from your leaking shower or broken tiles around the home, we offer exceptional service and customer care. We know how important your home is to you and we respect this by leaving it clean and tidy once our job is complete. At GroutPro we have exclusive products and years of experience and knowledge to make your bathroom, shower or kitchen look brand new and easy to maintain. To give you some examples of this we’ve collected some images of a recent job which shows the diversification and workmanship needed to give the best results – a prime example of the power of a simple clean and grout colour-sealing.

As the images reveal we removed the staining on the tiles and grout and then applied our exclusive grout colour-sealing. The colour-seal process to not only protects your grout from mould and soap scums but also restores the grout to look like new again, without spending a fortune. Typically many customers believe they need to regrout the entire shower and are so thankful of the savings when we advise them of our grout colour-sealing process and cost savings. Another huge benefit with grout colour-sealing is the choice of colours we have available. With over 80 colours to choose from we can match the grout to better suit your latest decor.

Once the grout colour-sealing was complete and dry we then removed and replaced the silicone in the shower. This left the entire shower and bath area looking sparkling brand new. The homeowner couldn’t believe her eyes and was so appreciative that we’d left her home clean and tidy. Apart from a new bathroom when we walked out the door she wouldn’t have known we’d even been there!

So, if you’re planning to sell your house or have relatives visiting from overseas why not make your shower look fresh, clean and brand new again? Call your local GroutPro specialist today and ask for your free in house demo. Call 1800 822 459 today.



Tile Repair – Are Your Tiles Hollow, Cracked or Loose?

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Need Loose, Cracked Tile Repair?

GroutPro can help….

Have you ever walked across a tiled floor to hear them sounding ‘hollow’? Hollow meaning that certain areas of the tiles sound and feel loose underfoot. These are areas in which the bottom of the tile is not in contact with the underlying substrate.

Unfortunately this is a regular occurrence in older properties where the tiles may have been laid with the original slab and the substrate or adhesive has deteriorated over time. The hollow sound may be a result of ‘spot-bonding’ during the installation. ‘Spot bonding’ is when the installer applies a spot of bonding (adhesive) to just the corners and centre of the floor tile and presses it into place. This leaves voids under the tile and ultimately the entire area of flooring. When this method is used you will hear the hollow sound where there is no adhesive i.e. the void. Over time this causes cracking of the tiles and grouting which runs between these tiles.

Once the grout has cracked it falls through to leave holes between the tiles. This is the type of situation recently faced by our Goonellabah team. A large area of the floor was hollow and cracks had started to appear. The homeowner needed our help to repair 123 loose tiles. About the same time last year the Goonellabah GroutPro team had repaired 4 similar apartments within the complex and the owner had retained many tiles which were used on these jobs.

We were not as lucky with this latest job and were only able to find four spare tiles which another apartment owner kindly donated to us. Each tile had to be carefully removed to ensure the tile did not crack. The team managed to lift all 122 tiles without a scratch with just one tile cracking as it was removed. Each tile was then cleaned to remove the old adhesive and re-laid into place. The homeowner had also decided to change the colour of the entire floor grouting so the repair of hollow tiles was just part of the full job.

After 36 hours of painstaking work with 50m2 of grout replacement and colour sealing the outcome was fantastic. The floor area was now level, the colour matched well to the home decor and the overall look was like new again. The Homeowner was very excited by the outcome and couldn’t wait to take some pictures to share with family.

If you’re having similar tiling issues in your home, don’t wait any longer get your local GroutPro team in to give you an assessment of the job and an obligation free quote.

Sick of Shower Scum? Put GroutPro to the Challenge

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Soap Scum and Mould!

Shower’s Pose a Big Challenge to GroutPro

Understandably the bathroom and shower suffers the most from moisture mould and water staining. Over time this buildup of soap scum and moisture mould leaches into the grout around tiles and shower screens and leaves them looking disgusting. Standard bleach and everyday cleaners just won’t do the job and home owners soon lose enthusiasm for scouring and bleaching every other day.

The teams of GroutPro Tile and Grout Specialists around Australia get to see hundreds of these badly stained showers and bathrooms every year! Unlike the homeowner we see the dirty grout and mould as a positive challenge! Our advantage is in our very own unique bio friendly tile and grout cleaning products and specifically made cleaning machinery. These allow us to cut through the soap scum and mildew to remove the staining completely and thereby deliver a sparkling result.

One of our toughest recent jobs saw a badly stained shower with white tiles and mildew soap stains on the walls and base. The homeowner had also tried to seal some drill holes with plaster after a recent attempt to hang a rail/shelf. The mould had set into the plaster (which was not waterproof) and needed to be removed, filled and sealed against moisture. The old grout needed cleaning and recolouring. The base of the shower was to remain with a grey grout colour which matched the rest of the ensuite flooring, so it just needed a good clean.

Just a short few hours later the whole ensuite looked like new again. I think you’ll agree the results speak for themselves. The white grout was outstanding, the mould and staining removed and the glass shower screen was clear as crystal, the homeowner was over the moon with the results.

If you need this kind of result for your sad shower or bathroom, don’t be embarrassed by the soap scum or mould, call the GroutPro local team and put them to the challenge!

APOD and Seniors Card – Working Together

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GroutPro Supporting All Community Members

APOD and Seniors Card Holders


GroutPro Tile and Grout Restoration Specialists have a strong connection to the local community, after all our team members live within small suburban or rural communities and offer their services to the areas and suburbs around them.

Our connection to the community is important to us, not only as small business owners, but as families who live, work and play within these communities. Our children all attend the local schools, our elderly parents and family members live and work within a short distance of us. So as a group we have offered our support to a number of worthwhile associations who also support community members.

APODAPOD or Australian Partners of Defence, is a membership program exclusively for current and past serving Defence Force personnel and their immediate family. Seniors Card is a free discount card providing members (aged 60+) with access to Government transport concessions, travel and business discounts. Both services and the APOD Seniors Card support these community groups and GroutPro is proud to be associated.

Seniors CardThis association allows us to bring our unique services to all members of the community. Services such as general tile and grout cleaning, glass restoration, re-grouting, grout colour sealing and much more are now available to all Seniors Card members and APOD Seniors Card members.

Please contact our head office to arrange an Obligation Free Quotation: Phone 1800 822 459

Quarry, Stone and Terracotta Tile Restoration

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Terracotta Tile Restoration


How Long Has It Been Since You Last Saw A

Truly Clean Terracotta Or Slate Tiled Floor?

A recent visit to a home in Sydney revealed a beautiful terracotta tiled floor in the basement of the home. Although dirty and stained it was easy to see how the terracotta tiles could be recovered to become a feature within the already beautiful home. Having only recently moved in the home owners were keen for us to do a complete terracotta tile restoration on the floors and the stairs.

At the best of times a tiled floor needs attention to ensure the grout does not become stained by dirt particles – Terracotta tiles are no exception. Dirt, grime, mildew and stains converge on tiles, slate and terracotta over time, depending on where they are in your home and the foot traffic in the area. It’s a natural thing but it is not a necessary thing – your tiles can easily look shiny, new and beautiful so as to wow any visitor that comes through your door.  There is only so much you can do with standard supermarket cleaning products, a mop and a pair of rubber gloves. You could find that you’ve inadvertently carried the stains, damaged the grout or texture of the natural stone tiles even further.

Quarry Tiles and Terracotta Tile Restoration, by the Miranda Sydney team

Terracotta Tile Restoration Before and After

GroutPro offers a fantastic service for cleaning and sealing natural stone, terracotta, slate or quarry tiles to easily bring life and colour back to these surfaces. Wherever you have natural stone that is in desperate need for attention and care, GroutPro has you covered to restore these surfaces in the right way. The GroutPro teams have restored all manner of stone tiles and grouting in bathrooms, kitchens, offices and garden areas, with the environmentally friendly products and techniques that cut through the dirt, stains and mildew… All without reducing the integrity of the stone!

The tiles are cleaned and dried to remove stains that are embedded in the stone and grouting and prepares the grouting for either the sealing process or Coloursealing. The sealing process prevents further staining of the grout from water and oil-based substances, it gives the grouting resistance and longevity. Coloursealing allows a complete colour change of the grouting. This is ideal when the old grout is so badly damaged or if you want to refresh the tiles to better suit your home decor. Coloursealing will also seal the grout against staining.

GroutPro’s Slate, Stone and Terracotta Tile Restoration service is a relatively quick process which gives outstanding results, see some of the before and after shots from other jobs completed recently  – they show just what can be achieved. So, if you’ve got Terracotta, Stone, Slate or Quarry tiles in or around your home or office that need attention give GroutPro a call  today – you’ll be surprised what a difference they can make.

See Through The Glass

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Can You See Through Your Shower Screen Glass?

GroutPro’s Glass Restoration May Be the Answer…..

Toowoomba QLD glass before

Before the Glass Restoration

Ever visited an older home where the shower screen was so badly marked by years of soap scum, lime or mineral buildup that you weren’t able to see through the glass? Well that’s exactly what our team in Toowoomba experienced recently.

Soap scum and years of mineral deposits from hard water builds up naturally within a shower cubicle and generally this is most obvious firstly on the glass shower screen and secondly on the tiles and floor of the shower itself. Bleach and other standard harsh cleaners can only do so much in removing it and without literally scouring the glass to remove the soap residue – which can damage the surface of the glass – this generally proves to be unsuccessful.

Toowoomba QLD glass after

After Glass Restoration

GroutPro offers a brilliant glass restoration technique to clear that lime and soap scum and return the glass to it’s original lustre, clarity and shine. In many cases the results we achieve with our cleaning and restoration you would think the glass had been replaced. So our Toowoomba team set about restoring the shower screens and cleaning the grout and tiles in the bathroom using GroutPro’s own environmentally and family safe products. Using GroutPro’s own products, which remove calcium hard water stains, are non-corrosive and contain no acids or solvents, we were able to easily remove the stains and bacteria without harming the environment or family members.

After we removed the stains we applied our GroutPro Professional Glass Protector which will provide an easy to clean layer over the glass as a protective coating. This prevents water from sitting on the surface of the glass and thereby leaving marks.

After a few good hours of cleaning and a nice cup of tea from the home owner, the bathroom came up looking a million dollars! The owners were amazed with the outcome, they can see through the glass again and enjoy the sparkling clean bathroom as a result of our teams work.

If you’d like more information about glass restoration talk to the boys at GroutPro Tile and Grout Cleaning – they can help you with information on their latest Coloursealing technique. This restores and protects the grout on your shower walls and makes it easier to clean. They’ll replace all the old mouldy silicone seals while they’re there and your shower will look like new again!  Well done Toowoomba team, great job..

By Geoff Biddle


  • Badly marked shower screen photo's of before it was cleaned and treated with GroutPro glass restore
    Badly marked shower screen photo's of before it was cleaned and treated with GroutPro glass restore


Is it time for a Kitchen or Bathroom Makeover?

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Is It Time for a Kitchen or Bathroom Makeover?

Then it’s Time to Call GroutPro!

Have you ever walked into an older property and noticed the bathroom or kitchen tiles looking a little sad and neglected?

Epoxy Grout in the Shower tray before and after As we all know age can do terrible things to any surface and lots of older homes, shopping centres, public areas etc suffer this.

It could be due to a build up of mould, dirt, grease, grime – all of these factors will increase the ageing process. Along with daily wear and tear over a number of years, your tiled areas can really suffer.

So, how can you give these areas a ‘makeover’ without it costing a fortune in new tiling etc? Generally the cost of a total refurb can be out of reach for most people. This is when we discovered ‘GroutPro’.  Their tile cleaning services gives dirty, mouldy tiles and grout a complete ‘makeover’, bringing any size tiled area back to looking brand new….and within budget.

Scanning through their extensive number of before and after images of kitchens, bathrooms, pool areas, hotel reception areas, shopping centres, changing rooms etc it’s fascinating to see the difference in the old to the new. It’s sort of like watching the latest episode of 10 Years Younger but with tiles! Many of the customer images we viewed show GroutPro services such as grout re-colouring where the before image shows an old damaged tiled area with patchy grout throughout to then the after shot showing perfect tiles with either a lighter or darker all matching grout surface – amazing transformation.

But the GroutPro services don’t stop there, they also offer a glass restoration service. Take a standard shower cubicle for example, the buildup of soap and scum marks on the glass will age the entire bathroom. With GroutPro’s Glass Restoration service the glass goes through a 2 stage process, firstly using a non abrasive eco-friendly restorer to clean the dirt and mineral deposits “out of the pores” of the glass. Then, once clean, they apply GroutPro glass protector to seal the surface of the glass and repel the water and dirt. They can even supply you with the correct bio-degradable cleaning fluids to maintain it.Before and After by Byron Bay GroutPro boys

So, like us, If you’re noticing your kitchen, floor, bathroom or outdoor patio area looking a bit drab, give the boys from GroutPro a call and let them show your how affordable the full ‘makeover’ can be. They offer an Obligation Free Quote with a quick turn around and Guarantee their products and work….perfect.

Call GroutPro today for more information about their Kitchen, Floor and Bathroom Makeovers.

Ph 1800 822 459

Ordering GroutPro Professional Quality Products

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Due to strong demand for the GroutPro maintenance products we’ve now made them more easily accessible to our existing customers as well as the general public.  If you’ve got a cupboard full of ineffective, dangerous and expensive supermarket or DIY products and would like to make a change for the better, our small range of professional grade products will replace most of them to maintain virtually anything in your home, office or car.  The GroutPro range of professional products are environmentally responsible, but at the same time extremely effective to provide a high level of hygiene and cleanliness with just a handful or products.   You spend less money on cleaning products, you spend less time cleaning because they are more effective, and the results are better with less risk of doing damage to your surfaces.

Use Pro-Kleen for a general purpose cleaning detergent on all surfaces – a mild pH neutral concentrated detergent, a 500ml bottle produces an amazing 200 litres of ready to use solution.

Use Citrus Eco-Kleen ready to use spray & wipe on any surface – a hospital and food grade surface cleaner ideal for food preparation surfaces with a convenient trigger spray for use anywhere.

Use Mould-Pro PLUS to neutralise mould, mildew and algae inside or outside wherever it occurs – does not just bleach the growth like most products, it actually kills it.

Use Pro-Gleam for glass & mirrors anywhere in the house or car, and on stainless steel anywhere – a highly advanced product but VOC free, it is an extremely effective cleaner for kitchens and bathrooms.

To arrange to have these professional quality products delivered to your home, simply go to  and click on the products you’re interested in.  Click on the enquire now button to enter your contact details so our local GroutPro Specialist can arrange to supply and deliver the product to your door.