Quarry, Stone and Terracotta Tile Restoration

Terracotta Tile Restoration


How Long Has It Been Since You Last Saw A

Truly Clean Terracotta Or Slate Tiled Floor?

A recent visit to a home in Sydney revealed a beautiful terracotta tiled floor in the basement of the home. Although dirty and stained it was easy to see how the terracotta tiles could be recovered to become a feature within the already beautiful home. Having only recently moved in the home owners were keen for us to do a complete terracotta tile restoration on the floors and the stairs.

At the best of times a tiled floor needs attention to ensure the grout does not become stained by dirt particles – Terracotta tiles are no exception. Dirt, grime, mildew and stains converge on tiles, slate and terracotta over time, depending on where they are in your home and the foot traffic in the area. It’s a natural thing but it is not a necessary thing – your tiles can easily look shiny, new and beautiful so as to wow any visitor that comes through your door.  There is only so much you can do with standard supermarket cleaning products, a mop and a pair of rubber gloves. You could find that you’ve inadvertently carried the stains, damaged the grout or texture of the natural stone tiles even further.

Quarry Tiles and Terracotta Tile Restoration, by the Miranda Sydney team

Terracotta Tile Restoration Before and After

GroutPro offers a fantastic service for cleaning and sealing natural stone, terracotta, slate or quarry tiles to easily bring life and colour back to these surfaces. Wherever you have natural stone that is in desperate need for attention and care, GroutPro has you covered to restore these surfaces in the right way. The GroutPro teams have restored all manner of stone tiles and grouting in bathrooms, kitchens, offices and garden areas, with the environmentally friendly products and techniques that cut through the dirt, stains and mildew… All without reducing the integrity of the stone!

The tiles are cleaned and dried to remove stains that are embedded in the stone and grouting and prepares the grouting for either the sealing process or Coloursealing. The sealing process prevents further staining of the grout from water and oil-based substances, it gives the grouting resistance and longevity. Coloursealing allows a complete colour change of the grouting. This is ideal when the old grout is so badly damaged or if you want to refresh the tiles to better suit your home decor. Coloursealing will also seal the grout against staining.

GroutPro’s Slate, Stone and Terracotta Tile Restoration service is a relatively quick process which gives outstanding results, see some of the before and after shots from other jobs completed recently  – they show just what can be achieved. So, if you’ve got Terracotta, Stone, Slate or Quarry tiles in or around your home or office that need attention give GroutPro a call  today – you’ll be surprised what a difference they can make.