General FAQ’s

Tile and Grout Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the Answers You Need

How do I schedule a quote?

Simply call your local GroutPro Specialist. Click here for a list of GroutPro Specialist their contact information is available and give them a call.

How much does a quote cost?

It’s totally FREE and there is absolutely no obligation. You will be given a full written quote outlining your options.

How long does it take?

In most cases, we can inspect the area and provide a written evaluation in 10 – 20 minutes.

I work during the week, at what times can you provide quotes?

We will provide a free quote and evaluation at any time that accommodates your schedule.

Can you provide a quote over the phone?

Each job is unique in some way. This is why we provide free evaluation to ensure prices quoted are accurate and complete with no surprises.

Once decided, how long will it take to schedule the work?

Most of our work can be scheduled within 7-10 working days sometimes sooner if urgent.

Do you require deposits?

No. We only require payment when you are satisfied upon completion.