See Through The Glass

Can You See Through Your Shower Screen Glass?

GroutPro’s Glass Restoration May Be the Answer…..

Toowoomba QLD glass before

Before the Glass Restoration

Ever visited an older home where the shower screen was so badly marked by years of soap scum, lime or mineral buildup that you weren’t able to see through the glass? Well that’s exactly what our team in Toowoomba experienced recently.

Soap scum and years of mineral deposits from hard water builds up naturally within a shower cubicle and generally this is most obvious firstly on the glass shower screen and secondly on the tiles and floor of the shower itself. Bleach and other standard harsh cleaners can only do so much in removing it and without literally scouring the glass to remove the soap residue – which can damage the surface of the glass – this generally proves to be unsuccessful.

Toowoomba QLD glass after

After Glass Restoration

GroutPro offers a brilliant glass restoration technique to clear that lime and soap scum and return the glass to it’s original lustre, clarity and shine. In many cases the results we achieve with our cleaning and restoration you would think the glass had been replaced. So our Toowoomba team set about restoring the shower screens and cleaning the grout and tiles in the bathroom using GroutPro’s own environmentally and family safe products. Using GroutPro’s own products, which remove calcium hard water stains, are non-corrosive and contain no acids or solvents, we were able to easily remove the stains and bacteria without harming the environment or family members.

After we removed the stains we applied our GroutPro Professional Glass Protector which will provide an easy to clean layer over the glass as a protective coating. This prevents water from sitting on the surface of the glass and thereby leaving marks.

After a few good hours of cleaning and a nice cup of tea from the home owner, the bathroom came up looking a million dollars! The owners were amazed with the outcome, they can see through the glass again and enjoy the sparkling clean bathroom as a result of our teams work.

If you’d like more information about glass restoration talk to the boys at GroutPro Tile and Grout Cleaning – they can help you with information on their latest Coloursealing technique. This restores and protects the grout on your shower walls and makes it easier to clean. They’ll replace all the old mouldy silicone seals while they’re there and your shower will look like new again!  Well done Toowoomba team, great job..

By Geoff Biddle


  • Badly marked shower screen photo's of before it was cleaned and treated with GroutPro glass restore
    Badly marked shower screen photo's of before it was cleaned and treated with GroutPro glass restore