Glass Restoration

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Posted on Oct 1, 2014 in Blog, Glass Restoration

Are You Looking To Restore The Glass In Your Bathroom? A perfectly clean bathroom is something we all work for, but after a few years have you noticed that the glass in your shower or mirror isn’t what it used to be? Have you started noticing small white stains in your glass that you can’t seem scrub out? It’s a very common issue with bathroom glass stains. Over time, mineral deposits in the water create spots and stains on the glass that if left un-checked, can become quite an eyesore that seems impossible to get clean, and it will...

See Through The Glass

Posted on May 9, 2014 in Bathroom Makeover, Blog, Glass Restoration, Specialist

Can You See Through Your Shower Screen Glass? GroutPro’s Glass Restoration May Be the Answer….. Ever visited an older home where the shower screen was so badly marked by years of soap scum, lime or mineral buildup that you weren’t able to see through the glass? Well that’s exactly what our team in Toowoomba experienced recently. Soap scum and years of mineral deposits from hard water builds up naturally within a shower cubicle and generally this is most obvious firstly on the glass shower screen and secondly on the tiles and floor of the shower itself. Bleach and other...